The most popular Apps for Apple CarPlay

The most popular Apps for Apple CarPlay

Carplay is currently the most widely used smart phone interactive system in the automotive market. It is connected by plugging in the wiring harness or wireless Bluetooth, and projects the apps installed on the iPhone to the screen, allowing the driver to use some apps on the car screen, making the driver's car life more intelligent and humanized.  

There are many apps that support carplay. You just add the app to your phone and if it's CarPlay compatible, it will pop up in your car display when using Carplay.

We have also sorted out the popular apps that can be used on carplay , hope this article can to help you learn more tips about how to use carplay  


Apps that come with Apple phones and can be displayed in carplay 

.Phone (Favorites, Recents, Contacts, Keypad, Voicemail)

  • Music(Apple Music including Beats 1)
  • Maps(Search, POI’s, Navigation, Nearby, Lane Guidance, ETA sharing)
  • Messages(Create, read, reply over Siri)
  • News+ (Listen to audio stories for Apple News subscribers)
  • Now Playing(This will show audio content from any iPhone app similar to iOS’s Control Center)
  • Podcasts (Also works with Siri)
  • Books(Since iOS 8.4 for playing audiobooks)
  • Calendar (Since iOS 13 for viewing current and upcoming events, including addresses)
  • Settings(Since iOS 13 for controlling Do Not Disturb While Driving, Light and Dark Mode, and Siri Suggestions)

Dashboard (A new addition to the Home Screen since iOS 13, includes tiles for navigation, favorite locations, now playing audio, Siri Suggestions, and calendar events)

Other apps you will need to download from  Apple store,then it will pop up in your car display. These are the popular apps we sorted out .

Audiobooks & Reading


· Audible

Communication apps



· Telegram Messenger

· WhatsApp


EV charging and parking


· ChargePoint

· PlugShare

· SpotHero

· PUMP( For Europe )


Food apps



· Domino’s Pizza

· Dunkin’

· Panera Bread





· Amazon Music

· SiriusXM Radio

· Spotify Stations

· Tidal


· YouTube Music

· Google Music


Navigation apps


· Google Maps (Works with Siri in iOS 13+)

· Waze (Works with Siri in iOS 13+)


News & Sports


· CNBC: Stock Market & Business

· MLB At Bat


· NBC Sports Scores


· NPR One



· Overcast: Podcast Player

· Spotify

· Tuner Radio


These are the most popular apps about instant messaging, music, or listening to e-books, articles, etc. But it is a pity that Apple carplay does not support some streaming media applications, such as YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, etc., so that deivers can enjoy movie or live show on CarPlay while parking and waiting. Although it is understandable that Apple carplay does this out of safety considerations. But as for as I’m concerned,  whether the driver is concentrating while driving depends on his own driving Habits and personal responsibility, rather than restricting all the drivers by completely negating such functions. 

If you’re looking for a streaming device that can watch YouTube/ Netflix /Disney+or other popular streaming apps on carplay, transcend car box will be your first choice !  

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