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3 easy ways to choose CarPlay android box in 2024-CPU performance

3 easy ways to choose CarPlay android box in 2024-CPU performance

What’s CarPlay android box ? 

    As Apple CarPlay becomes more and more popular, more drivers start to use CarPlay. But because CarPlay has very strict restrictions on streaming apps.  This has led to drivers can only using their mobile phones while parking and waiting, but this will consume a lot of power of the mobile phone. 

     As a result, the carplay ai android box appeared on the market, Plug and play, specially for new car models with wired carplay function.

    It can stream YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and other popular apps on the car display, directly turning your car screen into an Android tablet! 


What’s CarPlay android box features ?

   Usually ,CarPlay ai android boxes on the market all support these functions :

   1.Converting your wired CarPlay to wireless CarPlay/ Android Auto.

   2.Streaming any apps on your CarPlay directly.

   3.Download different apps from google play store.

   4.Play local music and watch movies from Micro SD card or Thumbdrive.

   As for some small details that can be customized, different Ai Android boxes support different customized parts. You can learn about this through their website page.  


What factors should you consider when you want to buy an CarPlay media box ? 

    The core element, the CPU processor of CarPlay Ai android box 

     CPU processor is the heart of a media box.

     It fundamentally determines how fast the Android media box will run. Different models of processors from different manufacturers also bring completely different performances to the car media box.

   The CPU of CarPlay ai android box

    At present, the CPU processor of CarPlay Android boxes on the market are mainly divided into two types,  Qualcomm, and the other is MTK.  

    Qualcomm is the world's top chip manufacturer .It has been occupying a major share of the chip market for many years, and its performance has also been recognized by consumers. MTK as a rising star on the chip market , some of its chips can also have a chance to compete with Qualcomm !

    Currently, CarPlay multimedia box using Qualcomm as the processor are mainly Qualcomm 6115and 6125(SM665),  both of which are octa-core processors. This means that the box using the Qualcomm series will be equipped with high performance and bring a smooth system experience.

    Other CarPlay Android boxes using MTK chips are mainly based on MTK6765(HelioP35). Such as Magic box 2.0.  According to the survey, the main frequency display of MTK 6765 can reach 2.3HZ, while the Qualcomm series can only reach up to 2.0HZ, which is a major advantage of MT6765. 

     However, Comparing the chips of Qualcomm 6125 and MTK 6765, it is obvious that Qualcomm 6125 runs much faster than MTK6765.  Here is the AnTuTu running score of MTK6765 that compared to Qualcomm 6125. 

The difference between Qualcomm and MTK CPU


    In conclusion,  if you need to choose a CarPlay Android box, you can focus on the CPU performance firstly, because the chip determines the running speed of the box and also determines your experience. 

     Transcend Car Box is the CarPlay box which equipped with Qualcomm 8 core chip, click here to get detailed specs about it ! 

Stream to your car and wireless CarPlay adapter

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