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3 easy ways to choose CarPlay android box in 2024-Specification

3 easy ways to choose CarPlay android box in 2024-Specification

As a CarPlay ai android box, its built-in system specifications have an important impact on the performance .

System specifications mainly focus on running memory (RAM) and internal storage (ROM) .


First of all, the size of the RAM directly determines how many programs the system can run at a time but no freeze lag. 

The highest specification configuration brings you a smooth multimedia system experience

The larger the RAM, the faster the system runs programs.

Currently common CarPlay android ai box are 4GB RAM, and 8GB RAM. Such as Magic Box, Ottocast .They all have the 4GB RAM. 

The advantage of the large running memory carplay media box will be greater. Because all programs are read and written in the RAM memory.  The larger RAM memory can bring more sufficient buffer space to the CarPlay ai box when it's running apps .

If a CarPlay ai android box only have 4GB Ram, when the RAM space is insufficient, the system will automatically close some background programs to ensure that the remaining RAM is sufficient for the app which is running on the front desk. 

In the process of memory reclamation, the system needs to consume CPU resources , which will definitely affect the running speed of the foreground application at this time. 

For example, when you open YouTube or Disney+, use them for a period of time, and then click to return to the CarPlay android box's main interface, these opened applications are not closed, but run in the system background.

Then when you open Netflix, the system will judge whether your remaining RAM is enough to support Netflix. If it is not enough, the system will automatically turn off YouTube and Disney+ in the background to ensure that Netflix can run smoothly.

However, in this process, the system disperses part of the running speed to close YouTube and Disney+ in the background, which will cause the CarPlay android box system to slow down when you open Netflix, resulting in lags, freezing and other phenomena.

This is why you may occasionally experience freezes when using a CarPlay android box with small memory.

So, if you want to run an applications smoothly on the CarPlay ai box, you should seriously consider the size of the running memory (RAM) and choose the right product for yourself.


Secondly, The internal storage ( ROM) of the ai android box is also a factor to be considered .

Transcend Car Box specification

The ROM of the carplay Android box stores all partitions and files of the Android system, as well as application itself and their data.

It determines how many applications, songs or movies you can put in your carplay media box .

The bigger ROM the more apps you can install on the CarPlay android box system. Nowadays, different apps are born every day. With a CarPlay android box with larger memory, we can download our favorite apps at will without worrying about memory problems.

Meanwhile, we can use the bigger ROM to store things.  With bigger ROM, you can download favorite music and movies to the local folder of the application.Like download the offline movie in Netflix or Disney+. 

These offline movies will relieve the boredom of your passengers or children during long road trip, and there is no need to spend data to load again, saving  money for your trip.


In general, when you are choosing a carplay media box, you should determine the specifications you need based on your frequency of use and needs.

If you are staying in the car a lot and need a time-consuming device, a CarPlay ai box with better specification is more suitable for you.

Or if you are a movie or music enthusiast, the CarPlay ai box with large-sized body storage can also allow you to download many popular applications and enjoy the music and video in the car.

Of course, at the same price, a car media box with a higher specification will be more cost-effective.

Transcend Car Box is a perfect CarPlay ai box with 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM. Click here more for details and price. 

However, RAM and ROM is not the fundamental factor to the running speed of the media box. 

You need to make sure the computing power of the CPU can match the RAM, otherwise, the system will also be stuck and usually get frozen.

The streaming CarPlay box comes with  superior CPU and great RAM will bring users a smooth system experience.  

If you want to know more about CPU, you can click here to get more info , we hope these articles can help you when you're comparing different carplay android boxes. 

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