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7 reasons to tell you why Transcend Car Box worth 279$ .

7 reasons to tell you why Transcend Car Box worth 279$ .

When we come into contact with Transcend Car Box, everyone must want to know its price. This article aims to tell you why the current price of Transcend Car box is super value !  

CPU Processor :

Adopt Qualcomm octa-core chip. A excellent CPU processor means powerful performance on CarPlay box .

As a world-renowned chip company, Qualcomm's chip quality has been verified by the market.

We hope to bring customers an unparalleled product experience through superior chip quality and performance !  

Review of Transcend Car Box's CPU processor


Combining the highest specification running memory and storage memory on the market. 8GB RAM+128GB ROM

It will bring you a smooth operation experience without any delay, turning your car into a real high-performance Android tablet !

That's the beauty of our CarPlay box !  


Appearance design:

Unique appearance design, matte shell, tempered glass cover make this CarPlay stand out from the boring designs in the market !  Add a touch of bright color to the interior design of your car as well ! 

In addition, we have also fully considered the heat dissipation problem.

The holes on the back and sides of the CarPlay box provide strong support for heat dissipation.

Only excellent cooling performance can keep the system running smoothly!

Comprehensive cooling vent design to keep your car media box cool

system interface:

Android 12 system.

The app bar that supports user-defined , one-step access to your favorite apps.

Supports user-defined widgets on homepage, turning widget content into your favorite app.

Change the system background wallpaper, turn your favorite photos into your car display screen!

Apps move across pages, classify all apps for better use, taking into account the different habits of each customer . 

Bright color design.

Plug And Play . Easily replace the system interface of your original car . In 2023, even your car will become fashionable ! 

Customize widget on home menu of transcend car box , different from apple carplay display

Feature of Transcend Car Box


Powerful 3-in-1 CarPlay box. 

Support streaming YouTube/Netflix to your car. 

Listen to music, watch live TV, play games, easily upgrade your in-car entertainment system. Makes you no longer bored while waiting.

During long-distance road trip, it also provides entertainment for passengers or children, so that you can concentrate on driving! 

Stream to your car display screen

Convert the original car wired CarPlay to wireless CarPlay

Easily activate wireless carplay in the car through the "Transcend Link" app, and get rid of the constraints of cords.  The interior of the car is more tidy

Convert the original car wired CarPlay to wireless Android auto

Easily activate the wireless Android auto on the car through the  "Transcend Link" app as well.  

Not only get rid of the constraints of cords.But also get rid of the trouble of only having CarPlay in the car but owning an Android phone. Compatible with different phone models.

Free Worldwide Shipping

We provide global free shipping service, whether it is the United States, Canada, Spain, Peru, Mexico, as long as you place an order, we will deliver the goods as soon as possible.

Use air freight to ensure that the CarPlay box arrive in your hands as soon as possible!

Good things are worth the wait, but we will do our best to let you receive the car media box as soon as possible and enjoy the unparalleled car multimedia system !


Buy with PayPal

We support the PayPal platform payment trusted by global buyers to protect your legitimate rights and interests !

Worry-free shopping, we are committed to providing you with the best products and services. 

Get yours Today ! We have a faith that you will love Transcend Car Box . 



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