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In the beginning, Cars only have simple functions that help people get where they want to go faster and more easily.

Drivers are usually focused on the road situation, however, on long trips, passengers are often bored because there is no in-car entertainment. They can only chat with other people or look at the scenery outside the window. 

Taking this demand into consideration, many car dealers began to study in-car entertainment systems to provide drivers and their passengers with a good car experience. 

This shouldn't be too surprising: after all, the first radio stations in the US didn't appear until the late 1920s, by which point Ford already built more than 15 million Model Ts. Radios began to be fitted to cars in the 1930s, something that may have made the long road trip a little more bearable. 

Radio was it as far as in-car entertainment for the next few decades, people can use it to listen to road news or music, which has been well received by many people at that time.

Imagine, during a long journey, when you feel tired or bored, a beautiful piece of music comes from the radio, what a wonderful experience it will be. The melodious melody, accompanied by the passing scenery outside the car, adds a touch of fun to your long-distance travel.

 车载收音机哪个频道是音乐_车载收音机哪个频道是音乐频道_车载收音机哪个频道是音乐频道安徽- 抖音

However ,with the popularization of automobiles, people's requirements for automobile systems are getting higher and higher. Car dealers began to pay attention to in-car entertainment systems and configurations.

Changing gears with digital media. 

In the late 1990s, there was a significant shift in in-vehicle entertainment, all due to the rise of digital media.

In-car navigation system:First, in 1981, the first car dealership began to incorporate map navigation into the in-car entertainment system, which was a historic change.

People can plan navigation routes in real time in the car, get rid of the constraints of paper maps and travel guides, and greatly improve the convenience of people's travel.

In-car audio-visual service: At the same time, in-car audio-visual services have also achieved breakthrough development, and dealers have integrated USB ports and Bluetooth connection services into cars. Users can play downloaded music or movies by inserting a USB flash drive to provide different entertainment for passengers in the car.

These have greatly satisfied the needs of users in the past ten years. However, with the development of smart phones, people's lives are increasingly inseparable from mobile phones.

Real-time contact has also become an important part of people's lives. Therefore, how to form a complete interactive system between the user's mobile phone and the vehicle system, allowing the user to drive while driving. Being able to make and receive calls without taking your hands off the steering wheel, and sending messages has become a major challenge for car dealers.

Finally, in 2014, the famous mobile phone manufacturer Apple Mobile launched an interactive system based on Apple users, which can project some applications on the Apple IOS system to the car screen-Apple carplay, which completely changed people's in-car interaction. entertainment system .


Apple carplay integrates instant messaging software on mobile phones, map navigation, listening to music, and Audio-book functions. In addition,driver can also use the buttons on the steering wheel to evoke Siri to send messages, make calls and other communication functions. Drivers do not need to take their eyes off the road and can focus more on the road conditions !


However, the current in-car entertainment system has not yet provided enough entertainment method for passengers. During long-distance travel, the driver focuses on the road conditions while driving, but passengers can listen to e-books or listen to music, which cannot kill too much time.


As a result, we began to introduce car multi-function media boxes to customers-Transcend Car Box. It is a new model specially used for the original car with wired carplay. As long as your car supports wired carplay, you can plug the product into the car's USB port for use. Plug and play, will not affect the warranty period of the new car. Plug it in and you get a 3-in-1 system, unplug it and you're back to the original car system.

The best CarPlay Box in 2023

With Transcend Car Box, you can stream your favorite apps in car display screen. No audio delay, perfectly smooth like your factory system. It has an Android 12 system, which can match most of the applications on the market, such as YouTube, Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Pecock, Kodi, we have all been tested. As long as you have a transcend car box, it is equivalent to installing a tablet computer in the car, and you can enjoy your favorite live TV, sports events or news anytime, anywhere !


Even on a long-distance trip, passengers can watch TV on the car screen to relieve boredom, make full use of the car screen, turning your car into a mobile home theater.

 Best CarPlay Media Box in 2023

No additional subscription fees are required, you only need to download your favorite apps in the Google Play Store, and then log in the account you usually use . Everything is as easy as on your phone !

In addition, the transcend car box is universal, once you buy one, it can be used in different cars. When your family and friends also need to travel long distances, they can use your box to get these functions as well !

We believe that through transcend car box, our customers will get a brand new in-car entertainment system ! Want to learn more? Click here for more information. 






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