Apple CarPlay : Making In-Car Systems Smarter

Apple CarPlay : Making In-Car Systems Smarter

CarPlay is an in-vehicle entertainment system launched by Apple, which can map the applications and functions on the iPhone to the central control screen of the car, allowing drivers to use the functions on the iPhone more safely and conveniently. 

Apple CarPlay 2023

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1.The source of CarPlay

Originally announced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in 2014, CarPlay was dubbed "iOS in the Car" and aimed at bringing the functionality of the iPhone into the car. At the end of 2014, CarPlay began to support some car brands, such as Ford, GM Trucks, Toyota, etc. At present, CarPlay has become standard or optional for many car brands.

2.Function introduction of CarPlay

Map apps and functions on iPhone

Using CarPlay can map the applications and functions on the iPhone to the central control screen of the car, so that the driver can use these applications and functions more conveniently. For example, drivers can use CarPlay to answer calls, send text messages, play music, use navigation, and more.

Apple CarPlay Map features

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voice control

CarPlay supports voice control, and drivers can use voice commands to control functions on the car and iPhone. For example, drivers can answer calls, send text messages, play music, etc. through voice commands.


Use CarPlay to navigate using the navigation app on your iPhone. CarPlay supports many popular navigation apps, such as Apple Maps, Google Maps, etc. Drivers can use voice control to input destinations, or they can pre-set navigation routes on their phones.


CarPlay supports many popular music apps, such as Apple Music, Spotify, etc. Drivers can play music through voice control, or pre-set playlists on their phones.

Play Music on CarPlay

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Use CarPlay to view and respond to text messages, emails, and other messages on the car's center console. Drivers can use voice control to send text messages, reply to emails, and more.

3.Supported car models and devices

Currently, CarPlay only supports some car brands and models, and the specific support can be checked on Apple's official website. Additionally, an iPhone 5 and above is required to use CarPlay.

4.Pay attention to safe driving

Although the use of CarPlay can make it easier for drivers to use the functions on the iPhone, drivers still need to pay attention to safe driving. Drivers should try to avoid using the functions in CarPlay while driving, especially the functions that need to input text and operate more complex functions.

5.How to connect Apple CarPlay

There are two ways to connect your iPhone to CarPlay, the simplest of which is to plug your phone into your car's USB port with a Lightning cable. Once you're connected, CarPlay will pop up on your car's screen, and all your compatible apps will update. 

There are also cars out there that support wireless CarPlay. If you have one of them, your phone will prompt you to set up a wireless connection the first time CarPlay initalizes — which will happen automatically with future drives.

Note that Apple doesn't keep an up-to-date list of cars that support wireless CarPlay. Which means you'll need to do your homework before you buy a car, or resort to a third-party wireless CarPlay adapter. 

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