General Motors Removes CarPlay Functionality from EV

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Recently, General Motors (GM) announced that they will be removing CarPlay functionality from their electric vehicles starting in 2023, opting to use their proprietary in-car software system instead. This decision has sparked widespread attention and discussion. This article aims to explore the purpose behind GM's decision to remove CarPlay functionality and the potential profound impact it may have.


Cost Reduction: Supporting external technologies such as CarPlay may involve high licensing fees or development costs. GM may have decided to save costs by discontinuing support for these technologies and investing in their proprietary system to gain greater control.

Data Ownership: By using their in-car software system, GM can have better control and access to user operations and app usage data during driving. This data can provide valuable insights for GM to optimize their system based on user behavior.

Sales Bundling: By bundling the entertainment system with their vehicles, GM can incentivize customers to continue purchasing GM vehicles in order to use their proprietary in-car software system, thereby increasing sales revenue and customer loyalty.

Software Service Sales: GM may offer specific versions of in-car applications and charge additional subscription fees, thereby generating revenue from software services.

System Control: By removing external technologies like CarPlay, GM can have better control over the functionality and direction of their in-car system to meet user demands and market trends.


Compromised User Experience: Many vehicle owners have grown accustomed to the convenience and integrated experience provided by CarPlay. Removing CarPlay functionality may negatively impact the user experience and require time for users to adapt to and familiarize themselves with the new in-car software system.

 Additional Cost Burden: If GM introduces subscription services for specific versions of in-car applications, users may need to pay extra fees to access these versions, resulting in increased usage costs.

 System Optimization Challenges: GM needs to ensure that their proprietary in-car software system delivers a satisfactory user experience and continuously optimize it based on user feedback and demands.


The decision by General Motors to remove CarPlay functionality is likely to be met with dissatisfaction among many users. Introducing a proprietary system may require vehicles to have enhanced performance and configuration upgrades, which raises questions about cost allocation and upgrades. Let us observe how General Motors performs after this decision and whether they can provide users with a satisfactory solution. 

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