Instructions for Transcend Car Box

How to customize car display screen with transcend car box

Get android 12 system on car display screen easily

1.If you want to set up an wallpaper by using your own photos, please prepare a micro SD card then put  photos into it, Inserting it to Micro SD card port.  If you want to use the picture of the web page, Please go to Google chrome and search for the picture you like to download to the media box .

2.Go to the Setting and choose More setting

Set up your streaming device

3.Find the “More ” option and click it , you will enter in a deepth android setting system

How to set up wallpaper of transcend car box

Android system setting of ai android box

4.Find the option to set up wallpaper then click it.

How to set your own wallpaper on ai andrid box

5.There will be displayed all the pictures on the media box, including the micro sd card

Customize wallpaper on CarPlay media box 6.Because the resolution of pictures is different, an interface will appear for you to adjust the range you want to display on the background, select the range, click OK, and the wallpaper setting is complete!  

Get different display car screen with transcend car box

How to customize carplay system

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