How to stream videos on Apple CarPlay

How To Watch YouTube on Apple CarPlay

How To Watch YouTube on Apple CarPlay


As one of the most important travel tools in modern society, the vehicle has been undergoing innovations and changes since its birth.

The vehicle system is also becoming more and more intelligent. From the original boring radio system to the integrated wired and wireless Apple CarPlay system , the driver can use the Part of the content on your iPhone is projected to the car screen.

But there are also many drivers who want to watch YouTube, Netflix, HBO max or other streaming media on the car screen when they parking or need to spend time in the car.

Here are two solutions for watching YouTube or Netflix on Apple CarPlay.


1.With Jailbreak

The first is that you need to jailbreak your iPhone, and install some kind of app to unlock your CarPlay and stream Youtube to your CarPlay . 


WheelPal is a popular app which enables you to install any app on CarPlay, including your favorites Netflix and YouTube. If you're wondering how to install it on your phone, you can click here to get more information. 


CarBridge app is another popular tweak for adding any app on Apple CarPlay. You can simply install the CarBridge app to a jailbroken iPhone then enjoy your favorite apps while driving. Click here to get more information about installation. 


NGX Play is a popular tweak for the CarPlay apps that allows you to add third-party apps to the Apple CarPlay that are not available in the App store. 


CarPlayEnable is a tweak, but it only supports  iOS 14 versions currently. Meanwhile,  does not support DRM content from apps such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc. but supports YouTube.

These apps are cost-effective and do not require additional tools to complete, many drivers will love to give it a try .

But they usually limited to YouTube or Netflix, and rarely support other streaming apps.

In addition, they all need a jailbroken iPhone, or pay for the subscription by providing your credit card or PayPal information, which has certain risks. Some unscrupulous people may use this to steal your payment info or hack your phone with viruses.

If you want to watch YouTube or Netflix through these apps, please be careful to your personal information.


2.Without Jailbreak

The second solution does not require jailbreaking.

Not Jailbreak Required Application. 

Such as the CarTube, which is an app that can be used without jailbreaking. You only need to install it on your mobile phone, then you can watch YouTube in the car.

However,  it is limited to YouTube, not support Netflix, HBOmax, and Disney+ or other streaming apps currently .If you are just satisfied with using YouTube, this will be your best choice. 


Portable Apple CarPlay Screen 

Meanwhile, there are also some portable screens, like Carpuride, which can be easily installed, and then you can watch YouTube through wired or wireless iPhone mirroring. Some apps cannot support screen projection, like Netflix.Because Netflix has very strict control over screen casting intentions, mainly to protect their copyright. 

And many new car models have been matched with great display screens. Installing a screen in order to play YouTube alone does not seem to be cost-effective. 

If you have an old car model which didn’t have big screen or only a radio , this is a good way to watch YouTube on your car !


CarPlay Ai Box

At last but not least , If you are willing to accept a little higher price, Trascend Car Box can meet all your needs !  

It is connected to your car USB port through a USB cable, and a full Android 12 system is built on your carplay .

With Transcend Car Box, you can download any streaming apps and watch YouTube, Netflix or Disney+ on your Apple CarPlay without jailbreaking .

No screen mirroring, No audio lag . Directly turn your car screen into an Android tablet, equipped with a Qualcomm 8-core chip, allowing you to truly experience the charm of the car media box .

Watch live tv in car

No need to download extra apps on the phone.No subscription or credit card required, purchase on our website and the entire process is protected by PayPal. We are committed to protecting your rights ! 

Transcend car box is an independent Android system that only runs on your car. Only need to provide power and connect to the WiFi of your mobile phone or car to watch movies or listen to music on your Apple CarPlay !

Watch live tv in car

Don't worry about the information security of your phone. And we have obtained CE, FCC, ROHS certificates. We are committed to providing high-quality car media box and excellent technical support for each customer !

 If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us


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