IOS17 new feature with CarPlay

IOS17 new feature with CarPlay

At Apple's WWDC 2023 conference not long ago, Apple announced that it will soon launch IOS17, which is currently in internal testing and will be officially released to the public later this year.

Many people are looking forward to some functions after the IOS17 update, and carplay has received two important updates as well . It's all about app upgrades


The first one is that Apple map can display real-time charging information, the drivers can easily get the power information in the carplay system,  the drivers don’t need to go back to the original car system to check it.  In addition, the route map of the charger will be added to the Apple map, which can navigate you to the nearest charger or display the usage status of the charger, so as to prevent the driver from arriving at an EV charger with a car with low power. Bad situation where someone is using or queuing.  But it is a pity that only available on a handful of cars like the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Porsche Taycan.


The second is the shareplay feature of Apple music, which allow your passengers to connect to your Apple Music without affecting your phone connection. In this way ,everyone in the car to listen to the music they want without having to go through someone's mobile phone to do a search and other redundant actions. Meanwhile, when switching songs, it can also be operated by passengers, and the driver is more focused on driving on the road .



Apple CarPlay is currently the most popular car interaction system, hope it can bring us more surprises.  

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