How to stream videos on Apple CarPlay

Watch Netflix While Charging: Beat the Charging Blues with the CarPlay AI Box

Watch Netflix While Charging: Beat the Charging Blues with the CarPlay AI Box


In our modern society, cars are no longer just a means of transportation; they've become mobile living spaces.

As technology continues to advance, so do vehicle infotainment and radio systems. Screens are getting bigger, and people are increasingly eager to make the most of these large displays for entertainment.

In particular, with the rise of new energy vehicles, more and more people own electric vehicles. People are beginning to look for products that can kill time while waiting for their electric cars to charge. Against this background, CarPlay ai box emerged as the times require, providing a new entertainment experience while waiting for charging.

This article will introduce this amazing device in depth, introduce this multi-functional car entertainment media box to users, explain and highlight its main functions of watching live TV, YouTube, Netflix and other streaming apps on the car screen, and supporting wireless game controller connection to play games, bringing a richer entertainment experience to electric vehicle users.



Part One: Overview of CarPlay AI Box

CarPlay AI Box is a smart entertainment device specially built for cars. It is based on the wired CarPlay channel and provides a variety of entertainment experiences for passengers in the car by connecting to the car's USB port.

CarPlay ai box turns wired CarPlay into a complete Android system, painlessly upgrading the car screen into your streaming media player. It not only supports live TV, YouTube, Netflix and other video content, but can also connect to wireless game controllers, allowing you to enjoy gaming while charging.
Below, we will introduce you to the benefits of CarPlay ai box one by one.


 Watch live tv in car


Part 2: Live TV, YouTube, Netflix all available in your car

  1. Watch live TV in your car

CarPlay ai box supports downloading various live TV applications, such as YouTube TV, Tubi, Plex, etc., and provides you with a rich variety of live TV programs through high-speed Internet connections.

While waiting for charging, you can turn on the car screen at any time to catch up on the latest news, watch sports games or enjoy exciting variety shows. Not only does this make waiting more enjoyable, it also means you don't miss any important current events.

Watch YouTube TV in car 

  1. Watch YouTube on CarPlay

CarPlay ai box usually has a built-in YouTube application. If you prefer to watch long videos, whether it is funny videos, music MVs or wonderful Vlogs, they can be clearly displayed on the car screen, allowing you to enjoy massive videos anytime, anywhere in the car.

CarPlay ai box supports touch control, Bluetooth remote control, and flying mouse control. With a simple tap on the screen, everything is as easy as operating on your phone or TV. You can easily switch videos and turn charging time into private movie-watching time.

  1. Stream Netflix to your Car

As people's reliance on streaming apps continues to increase, Netflix has become one of the most popular streaming apps.

The CarPlay ai box takes this into consideration and also provides users with a convenient way to watch Netflix in the car. Through the built-in Netflix application, people can easily access Netflix while charging, enjoy high-quality movies and series on the car screen, and experience an immersive audio-visual feast. While charging, immerse yourself in the world of film and television, making waiting more interesting.

Stream Netflix to car

The above is just a partial introduction to the functions of CarPlay ai box. In fact, CarPlay ai box has many possibilities waiting for you to explore, such as watching live broadcasts, listening to audio book, etc. You can download and use the CarPlay ai box system through the built-in Google Play Store.

More importantly, all these applications do not require repeated subscriptions. You only need to log in to the account you have subscribed to and you can use them directly. No extra burden.



Part 3: Wireless game controller connection to play games in car.

CarPlay AI Box is not only a streaming entertainment center but also ideal for gaming enthusiasts.

It supports the connection of wireless game controllers, bringing you a more interesting and smooth gaming experience. In the car, you can play all kinds of games, enjoy the fun, and kill the boring time while charging.

Just connect the controller and device via Bluetooth to turn your car screen into a game center. While waiting for charging, transform into Mario, bravely advance through game levels, and save the princess!

If you have small children in the car, you can also choose some kid-friendly games to keep them entertained and away from your phone while charging.


 Transcend Car Box Wireless Connection



Part 4: Conclusion

As a new technology product, CarPlay box fills the gap in car infotainment systems and provides car owners and passengers with a series of entertainment options. Make streaming YouTube or Netflix on CarPlay a reality without jailbreaking. Car entertainment can be upgraded by simply plugging and unplugging.
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