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3 easy ways to choose CarPlay android box in 2024 -Compatibility

3 easy ways to choose CarPlay android box in 2024 -Compatibility

When many people buy an carplay media box, they want to confirm whether their vehicle is compatible firstly.  

The merchants will reply that as long as the original car supports wired carplay, they can use the carplay Android box. Why they all reply that ?

Because the CarPlay Android box uses the wired carplay data transmission channel to connect with the car, so as to establish a complete Android system to cover the factory wired carplay system.

This Android system supports streaming media applications directly on the car screen, enabling entertainment functions such as watching movies and playing simple games in the car.

In addition, it can also realize wireless CarPlay and Android auto connection, matching different drivers' habits of using different in-vehicle systems.

So, how to confirm whether your car supports wired carplay?

Now all new car models are basically equipped with wired carplay.

So as long as the car is between 2018-2023, 98% of them support wired carplay ! If you want to double check, there are two ways to check it out.  

First, you can ask the dealer directly to confirm whether the vehicle supports wired carplay.

The second is more simple and direct. If you have an iPhone and a data cable, use the data cable to connect your iPhone to the USB port of the car.

If the carplay is displayed within 10 seconds, it proves that your vehicle supports wired carplay. 

Once you confirm that your car has wired carplay, that means the carplay Android box will work on your car !

However, ai android boxes of different brands have different compatibility on some special cars .

 For example, some ai android boxes don't display properly on Ford F150, Bronco's full screen. After successfully entering the system of the media box, the original car system information on the right remains on the main interface, which cannot achieve the full-screen effect like Snyc 4 carplay .

So if you own a Ford F150 or Bronco with full screen CarPlay, do some research before buying.

Ford full screen CarPlay interface  

Transcend car box has been tested on Ford F150 and Bronco, it can be displayed in full screen and you can choose whether to use full screen or not like snyc 4's carplay.

We have also tested on some popular vehicle models, such as Chevy, GMC, Subaru, Toyota, Kia, etc., to ensure that every customer who buys our products has the best experience with compatibility !

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3 easy ways to choose CarPlay android box in 2024-Specification
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