4 important features you need to know about Android Auto in 2023

4 important features you need to know about Android Auto in 2023

Same as  carplay, Android Auto is also a smart in-car system. By projecting the specific application of the mobile phone onto the screen, the user can operate the application of the mobile phone more conveniently while driving.  

So that they can concentrate more on the condition of the road surface.

 As the name suggests, the Android Auto system is developed for Android phone users. So what exactly does it do? This article will give you detailed answers.


You can use Google Maps or Waze directly in your car by casting the most popular Google Maps to your car screen.

 Search the place you want to go on the screen to get voice guidance, current situation analysis of the route and arrival time.

No more hanging your phone from the center console and staring at its tiny screen.

Android Auto main feature-Navigation


Listen to music or podcasts through different music apps.

Different from the traditional car system, Android auto can cast the music app or podcast app installed on your mobile phone to the screen.

Such as Spotify, YouTube music, etc., and you can also listen to your favorite music or podcasts on your car . Enrich your car journey!


Android Auto supports direct calls and text messages in the car.

When your Android phone is connected to the car, if someone calls you, you can directly tap the screen or the steering wheel knob to answer.

No more need to free up a hand to answer the phone, making your driving safer!

4.Intelligent control

Another important feature of Android Auto is Google Assistant voice control.

Simply say "Hey Google" and your Google Assistant will wake up.

Then you speak your commands, such as adjusting the volume of the music, calling or texting the designated person, saying where you want to go and having Google Maps navigate, etc.

This greatly enhances the driver's driving experience, allowing a range of operations to be performed without taking hands off the steering wheel.


Android Auto is successful, it provides thousands of Android phone users with a convenient in-vehicle system. But its popularity still lags behind Apple CarPlay for the time being.

Android Auto interface

There are many models that support Apple carplay but not Android auto, which has become an annoyance to many Android users.

However, if you have a transcend car box, it can convert the wired CarPlay of the original car into a wireless Android Auto system! Through Bluetooth connection, you can mirror your Android phone screen to the car !  

The phone model is no longer your limit. And if you have family members who use Apple phones, you can also use wireless CarPlay through the transcend car box.

Meanwhile , You can also use the Android system to play YouTube/Netflix in the car during your spare time.  Spend one money and enjoy multiple funs.

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