CarPlay Box Review 2024 : What is CarPlay Box and How Does it Work?

CarPlay Box Review 2024 : What is CarPlay Box and How Does it Work?


CarPlay Box is an innovative automotive electronic accessory designed to enhance the in-car entertainment experience. With the advancement of technology, an increasing number of vehicles are equipped with large screens, incorporating Apple's innovative technology—Apple CarPlay—to establish connectivity between smartphones and cars. Apple CarPlay seamlessly mirrors selected content from an iPhone to the car's screen, including map navigation, phone calls, messaging, and voice-activated commands through Siri. This significantly improves the in-car experience, allowing drivers to focus more on the road.

However, Apple CarPlay, while prioritizing driver and road safety, imposes strict limitations on certain features, such as streaming and gaming applications. The large in-car screens might seem underutilized, especially when passengers are bored or children need something to keep them entertained. This is where CarPlay Box comes in, seamlessly upgrading the car's entertainment system, enabling the viewing of streaming applications like YouTube and Netflix, providing passengers with an efficient and convenient online TV-watching experience. Additionally, it allows the download and use of various Android applications directly on the car screen, transforming it into a powerful Android tablet.

This article delves deeper into the CarPlay Box, offering a comprehensive understanding of this innovative and revolutionary automotive electronic product.


I.What is CarPlay Box

CarPlay Box represents a cutting-edge device that leads the trend in in-car entertainment. Its core philosophy integrates smart technology into driving life, offering a more diverse and enriched driving experience for both drivers and passengers. Functioning similarly to an Android tablet, CarPlay Box comes equipped with a chip, various operating and body memories to meet different performance requirements. Unlike a tablet, it lacks its own screen and instead uses a USB connection to mirror content onto the car screen, effectively turning it into an Android-powered tablet. The performance of this tablet is determined by the chip and operating memory, making these crucial considerations when selecting a CarPlay Box.

Many readers may wonder how CarPlay Box mirrors content on the screen through a USB connection. It's straightforward—CarPlay Box utilizes the existing wired CarPlay channel on your vehicle, transmitting data through a USB cable to project its built-in Android system onto the car screen. This process is akin to how an iPhone can mirror an interactive system on your screen using a data cable. CarPlay Box simplifies the installation process, ensuring a stable connection without the need for professional installation, and removing the device restores the original car system without any adverse effects.

Through this advanced technological architecture, drivers can elevate their in-car entertainment to a new level. No longer confined to traditional in-car music and navigation functions, CarPlay Box spearheads a revolution in in-car entertainment, making driving more enjoyable and fun.

Multiple Uses for Transcend Car Box


II.How to Use CarPlay Box

The straightforward functionality and streaming capabilities of CarPlay Box make it a remarkable in-car entertainment device. Beyond streaming, this multi-functional media box offers other features worth exploring. Let's delve into how to use CarPlay Box to upgrade your in-car entertainment system:

Streaming Media: Different from traditional Apple CarPlay, after connecting CarPlay Box, you can use streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix, HBO Max, etc., on the car screen. Control these platforms through the car's touchscreen. Select any preferred streaming platform, click on it, enter the app interface, log in to your subscription account, and enjoy your favorite TV shows or live events. Notably, any streaming apps you've already subscribed to do not require re-subscription; simply log in with your existing account.

Stream to car via transcend car box

Downloading Numerous Apps: CarPlay Box comes with the built-in Google Play Store. Open it, log in with your Google account, search and download various apps like Plex TV, Tubi, Plants vs. Zombies, weather forecasts, and numerous other apps. This versatility ensures your car screen isn't limited to just music and navigation.

Best CarPlay Media Box in 2023

Voice Assistant: CarPlay Box incorporates Google Assistant. Through simple voice commands, you can open specific apps, switch music, navigate, make phone calls, and perform other functions, making driving more convenient and safer.

Navigation System: CarPlay Box features built-in GPS Glonass positioning and an antenna for more precise navigation. Paired with Google Maps or Waze, it provides real-time updates on road conditions, offering the best driving routes and ensuring drivers stay informed about the latest road information.

Wireless Connectivity: CarPlay Box supports converting wired CarPlay into wireless CarPlay or wireless Android Auto. Eliminating traditional connection cables makes connectivity more convenient. Drivers only need to start the vehicle, and the system automatically establishes a connection with the phone, eliminating the need for carrying or plugging in any cables.

Add wireless CarPlay to car

The multifunctional design of CarPlay Box allows drivers to explore more entertainment possibilities during their journey, making each trip more enjoyable.


III. How to Connect and Set Up CarPlay Box

Connection: CarPlay Box's design prioritizes user convenience and vehicle system compatibility. Most new cars are equipped with wired Apple CarPlay, ensuring compatibility with CarPlay Box. This broad compatibility ensures that CarPlay Box's connection method is convenient for all new car models.

Connecting CarPlay Box is simple—use the provided USB cable, connect one end to the product (Type C), and the other end to the car's USB or Type C port.

This design not only ensures a stable connection but also avoids complex installation steps. No professional installation is required, allowing car owners to easily connect it themselves and enjoy the convenience and fun offered by CarPlay Box. Importantly, CarPlay Box's connection method does not adversely affect the original car system. Unplugging CarPlay Box immediately restores the original car system, providing a simple and efficient upgrade option for car owners.

How to make transcend car box work

Setting Up:After successfully connecting the product to the car, wait for about 30 seconds, and CarPlay Box will start on the car screen.

You need to connect CarPlay Box to Wi-Fi to access the internet. Typically, within CarPlay Box settings, you can find the Wi-Fi option. Click to open Wi-Fi, and the device will automatically search for available hotspots. Choose your car's Wi-Fi or your phone's hotspot, enter the hotspot password, and click connect.

After setting up Wi-Fi, you can start enjoying your favorite programs. Additionally, you can log in to your Google account in the Google Play Store, search, and download any apps you want to use.


IV.CarPlay Box Review

In the market, numerous CarPlay Box brands offer unique features and advantages. Different CarPlay Boxes come with different prices, mainly related to the box's configuration. Different chips and configurations impact consumers' experience. To assist consumers in making informed choices, let's briefly compare several common CarPlay Box brands in the market.







Transcend Car Box


    Magic Box 2.0




Qualcomm 8 Core

MediaTek 8 Core

Qualcomm 8 Core









Operating System:

Android 12

Android 10

Android 12


Stream videos

Download Apps

Wireless CarPlay

Wireless Android Auto



Stream videos

Download Apps

Wireless CarPlay

Wireless Android Auto

Stream videos

Download Apps

Wireless CarPlay

Wireless Android Auto

Device ports

USB-C (For Power)

SIM Card

Micro SD Card (Up to 512 GB)


USB-C (For Power)

SIM Card Slot

Micro SD Card Slot (Up to 512 GB)

Micro HDMI Output Port

USB-C (For Power)

SIM Card Slot

Micro SD Card Slot (Up to 512 GB)

Mini HDMI Output Port






Transcend Car Box is at the forefront with its impressive specifications. It boasts a robust 8GB RAM and a spacious 128GB ROM, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience. Moreover, its unique appearance design and colorful UI bring you a more special experience.

What's more, it offers this exceptional performance at a highly competitive price of just $279.Free Worldwide Shipping.


Magic Box 2.0 is a good and well-known CarPlay box in the market, but compared to Transcend, it falls slightly short in performance. With 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, its performance may not satisfy users who require higher specifications.

But its device has a mini HDMI port. If your car has a backseat screen, you can connect the device to the backseat screen, and the passengers in the back can also enjoy large-screen entertainment.


Ottocast P3 is the new released CarPlay box, it is on par with Transcend Car Box in terms of specifications, but it comes at a slightly higher price. For those looking for value for money, Transcend Car Box is the better choice.

Overall, each CarPlay Box has its unique characteristics. Users should consider their individual needs, budget, and feature preferences when choosing. Transcend Car Box, by providing comprehensive features while emphasizing cost-effectiveness, may be suitable for the majority of consumers. Before purchasing, it is recommended that users thoroughly research product features, user reviews, and professional evaluations to ensure selecting the CarPlay Box that best meets their needs.



In this exploration of CarPlay Box, we've gained a comprehensive understanding of this innovative automotive technology.

CarPlay Box, as a revolutionary in-car entertainment solution, seamlessly integrates smart technology into the driving experience, offering a more vibrant and diverse journey for both drivers and passengers.

When considering purchasing a CarPlay Box for your own vehicle, carefully weigh your personal needs, budget, and feature preferences. Choose the CarPlay Box that aligns with your requirements, making your driving experience smarter, more convenient, and enjoyable.

CarPlay Box transforms every journey into a more exciting adventure!



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