How to stream videos on Apple CarPlay

How to watch videos on Apple CarPlay without jailbreak ?

How to watch videos on Apple CarPlay without jailbreak ?


In a world where every moment matters and our lives are constantly changing, the ability to transform mundane and boring time in the car into a captivating entertainment experience is nothing short of a technological marvel.

Imagine: you are on a long road trip, waiting for someone in the car, or during a rare lunch break during the workday. There is a device that can turn your car into a mobile private theater, making it easier for you to spend time in the car. What a wonderful thing it is to be able to enjoy your favorite TV shows in the car during your spare time or during your lunch break.

As our cars transition from mere modes of transportation to mobile sanctuaries, the demand for in-car entertainment has soared. Whether it's the desire to catch up on the latest Netflix series, explore the vast landscape of YouTube content, or enjoy offline videos hassle-free, the need for a reliable and non-disruptive solution has never been more apparent.

 Watch videos on Apple CarPlay


Transcend Car Box: A streaming device for CarPlay

Addressing this need is the Transcend Car Box, a revolutionary addition to the realm of in-car entertainment. More than just a device, it's a gateway to a world where the monotony of travel transforms into a personalized cinematic experience.
Plug and play, it will take over your Apple CarPlay and build up an Android 12 system which allow you to reach multiple features.


Features of Transcend Car Box:

Transcend Car Box stands as a beacon of innovation, equipped with features tailored to elevate your in-car video-watching journey.

Stream Netflix/YouTube and much more to your car

Transcend Car Box equipped with Android 12 system, which has built-in streaming video applications such as Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, etc. You can directly click on these applications and use them on the car screen, just like you operate these apps on your mobile phone. One step to watch videos on Apple CarPlay.

Deep customizated Android 12 OS system,featuring lots of additional functionality and visuals


Download apps from Google play store.
Transcend Car Box have built-in Google play store and it can install any apps on the system. With such feature, you can install other apps you like to the system, like Plex, Tubi, HBO Max and more. It's NBA and NFL season, when you're bored in the car, turn on a game to watch. Take your viewing experience to the next level with your car’s big screen!


Convert wired CarPlay to wireless CarPlay/Wireless Android Auto.

Transcend Car Box can convert wired CarPlay to wireless CarPlay or wireless Android Auto. Make the interior of your car tidier and no longer bothered by excessive cables. And if you are an android phone fan but your car only have wired CarPlay, simply use the Transcend Car Box to active wireless Android Auto for your phone.


How to watch videos on Apple CarPlay with Transcend Car Box:

 1.Online Video Streaming:
Transcend Car Box have built in streaming apps like YouTube ,Netflix and it can download other streaming apps as well. Only need to plug it into your car USB port and share WiFi hotspot to it. You will be able to access live tv or online movies via different streaming apps. Elevate your road trips with the latest episodes or dive into a sea of diverse videos.


Watch online videos on Apple CarPlay

 2.Offline Video Playback:

Transcend Car Box equipped with micro SD card slot, plug the SD card into slot and access to all the videos or music in the SD card via file manager, embracing the freedom of offline viewing.

Transcend Car Box support the micro SD card up to 512GB, you can download all the movies or music you like. No longer constrained by memory or internet. Your favorite movies and shows, available at your fingertips, even in areas with limited connectivity.


How to Install Transcend Car Box :

Plug the Transcend Car Box into car USB port:

Begin your in-car entertainment journey by connecting the Transcend Car Box to your car's USB port via USB or Type -C cable included. It is only connected through the USB port. After unplugging the product, the car will return to its original state without affecting the original car warranty.This initial step sets the stage for an unparalleled entertainment experience.


Wait for Startup:
When the Transcend Car Box is connected, the indicator light will light up, please wait patiently for about 30 seconds. When the Transcend Car Box is connected to your car for the first time, it takes some time to identify the model and prepare the system, so it will take a little longer. But once the connection is successful, future startups will be faster.


Connect to Mobile Hotspot:

Once the Transcend Car Box booted up on the screen, the crucial next step involves connecting it to your mobile hotspot or car wifi. This ensures you have the freedom to access your preferred online video content seamlessly, regardless of your location.

The above are the installation steps of Transcend Car box. In just a few simple steps, you can enjoy the freedom of watching videos on Apple CarPlay.

How to make transcend car box work 



As we delve into the transformative realm of in-car entertainment, it's crucial to underscore the profound significance of this technological evolution. The ability to turn a routine car life into an engaging entertainment experience has far-reaching implications for our modern lifestyles.

In a society where time is a precious commodity, the significance lies in the liberation from the monotony of travel. Imagine reclaiming those seemingly wasted minutes, whether you're stuck in traffic, waiting for someone, or taking a breather during a hectic day. The advent of in-car entertainment solutions like the Transcend Car Box offers a reprieve—a chance to convert the mundane into moments of joy, relaxation, and personal indulgence.

Moreover, this technological innovation aligns seamlessly with the changing dynamics of our lives. As we navigate through a fast-paced world filled with responsibilities, the ability to curate our entertainment experience within the confines of our vehicles provides a welcome escape. It transforms our cars from mere transportation vessels into personal havens, fostering a sense of comfort and joy in the midst of our on-the-go routines.

Beyond the surface-level appeal of entertainment, the significance extends to the enhancement of overall well-being. In-car entertainment becomes more than just a feature; it becomes a facilitator of mental relaxation, stress reduction, and a source of joy amidst our busy lives. The ability to seamlessly integrate leisure into our daily travels is a testament to the evolving synergy between technology and our pursuit of a balanced, fulfilling life.

In essence, the significance of in-car entertainment goes beyond the surface level—it's about reclaiming time, fostering personal well-being, and embracing the joy of moments that would otherwise pass unnoticed. As our cars transform into more than just modes of transportation, this evolution aligns perfectly with our quest for a harmonious and enjoyable modern lifestyle.

 Multiple Uses for Transcend Car Box



In conclusion, the prospect of watching videos on Apple CarPlay without resorting to jailbreaking not only becomes a tangible reality but blossoms into an enriched experience with the assistance of Transcend Car Box. This device transcends the ordinary, unlocking an expansive realm of possibilities for car owners and tech enthusiasts alike, ensuring each journey is a delightful cinematic adventure.

In a world where time is of the essence and every moment counts, the integration of Transcend Car Box into your in-car entertainment arsenal is more than a mere upgrade—it's a transformation. It signifies a departure from the ordinary and a step into a future where the boundaries between commute and leisure blur seamlessly.

The significance of this evolution extends beyond the convenience of streaming videos in your car; it touches upon the essence of modern living. The ability to curate your entertainment experience on the road is not just a feature—it's a lifestyle enhancement. It empowers you to create moments of joy and relaxation, turning what might have been an ordinary journey into a memorable part of your day.

Moreover, this transformation aligns with the changing dynamics of our on-the-go lifestyles. Our cars, once considered utilitarian, are now evolving into personal sanctuaries—spaces where we can unwind, enjoy, and recharge. The integration of in-car entertainment solutions, especially non-jailbreaking options like Transcend Car Box, reflects a harmonious blend of technology and the pursuit of a balanced, fulfilling life.

As you contemplate the endless possibilities that unfold with Transcend Car Box, consider it not just as a gadget but as a companion on your journey—transforming the way you perceive time spent in your car. Embrace the joy of seamless entertainment, redefine your commute, and embark on each drive with the anticipation of a unique cinematic experience.

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Check your compatibility now:

Before embarking on your in-car video odyssey, take a moment to check the compatibility of your devices and explore the Transcend Car Box. Ensure your journey is not just about reaching a destination but about enjoying every moment in between. Check your compatibility and elevate your in-car entertainment—get yours today!


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