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The Magic Box 2.0 VS Ottocast

The Magic Box 2.0 VS Ottocast


With the rise of smart technology, the modern driving experience has transformed significantly. Apple's CarPlay is a staple in this revolution, offering drivers a seamless way to integrate their iOS devices with their car's infotainment system. Enhancing this experience are CarPlay AI boxes like Magic Box and Ottocast, which promise to bring streaming media convenience and wireless CarPlay to your vehicle.

In this article, we will delve into these two brands, comparing their features, performance, and value to help you make an informed decision.



What is Magic Box 2.0?

The Magic Box CarPlay AI box is a device that brings YouTube, Netlfix or live TV to your wired CarPlay-enabled vehicle. The magic brand has several products. This article mainly targets Magic Box 2.0 (CarPlay Android box) for comparison.


Main Feature of the magic box 2.0:

  1. Stream YouTube,Netflix or other streaming platform to your car.

  2. Convert wired CarPlay to wireless CarPlay or wireless Android Auto.

  3. Download various apps freely from built-in Google play store.

Magic box 2.0 is one of the most familiar CarPlay boxes on the market. People will think of it immediately when they need to buy a CarPlay .The magic box 2.0 stands out for its user-friendly interface and quick installation process, allowing you to access your favorite apps on your vehicle's display without the need for cables. With compatibility across a wide range of car models, the Magic Box 2.0 makes it easy to upgrade your in-car technology.



What is Ottocast?

Ottocast serves a similar purpose, offering a plug-and-play CarPlay ai box to enable streaming feature in your vehicle. Ottocast also has different products. Ottocast P3 is their latest CarPlay ai box and has basically the same function as magic box 2.0. 


Main Feature of Ottocast P3:

  1. Stream YouTube, Netflix or other streaming platform to your car.

  2. Convert wired CarPlay to wireless CarPlay or wireless Android Auto.

  3. Download various apps freely from built-in Google play store.

Ottocast started to explode in full force last year. With its overwhelming advertising, more and more people began to recognize this brand. The UI design of Ottocast P3 also has its own characteristics, with a mainly dark theme and small widget that can be switched at will, allowing users to define their own home page as they wish. 




Magic box 2.0 VS Ottocast P3 

In the CarPlay box realm, Magic Box 2.0 and Ottocast are two brands that have garnered considerable attention.

They both boast unique features and notable advantages. However, when it comes to making a choice, how do we decide among the various differences and pros and cons?

In the following analysis, we'll compare these two products from various aspects to help you find the most suitable CarPlay box in the bustling market.


1.Product Features and Specifications

Core Features:

When it comes to product features, both Magic Box 2.0 and Ottocast P3 are quite similar in their core functionalities. They both offer streaming media playback, wired-to-wireless CarPlay conversion, or wireless Android Auto capabilities. Additionally, they are equipped with HDMI output interfaces, allowing users to connect to larger screens such as television displays. This enables users to enjoy media content like Netflix, YouTube, and music even at home.







Android system

Magic box 2.0

Media Tek



Android 10

Ottocast P3




Android 12


From the above information, it's evident that Ottocast P3 boasts twice the memory capacity compared to Magic Box 2.0. This implies it has a faster operating speed and a smoother system.

Additionally, looking at the Android system versions, Ottocast P3 runs on the newer Android 12, while Magic Box 2.0 operates on Android 10. A higher Android system version means it can support more applications and may have more comprehensive and stable performance.



2.User Experience:

Interface Design:

When it comes to user experience, both Magic Box 2.0 and Ottocast have considered users' ease of operation and personalized needs in their interface designs.

Magic Box 2.0 features a richer and more vibrant interface design. Its homepage consists of five shortcut app widgets, allowing users to directly access corresponding applications with a single click.

Moreover, these widgets are replaceable, enabling users to customize their homepage with their preferred shortcuts. Additionally, Magic Box 2.0 offers a customizable app shortcut bar, facilitating quick access to commonly used applications.

In contrast, Ottocast's interface design opts for a relatively simple color scheme, primarily black. Ottocast's homepage also includes some widgets, but unlike Magic Box 2.0, these widgets are not shortcuts.

Instead, they directly display common information on the desktop, such as weather forecasts, time, music player, and vehicle speed information. Users can also replace these widgets and adjust the page layout according to their preferences.

Although Ottocast P3 supports user-customized pages and layout adjustments, some users have reported that the operation process is not entirely smooth.

Sometimes, it requires several attempts to place widgets in the desired positions. This aspect may present some differences compared to Magic Box 2.0.

Overall, both products prioritize user experience in their designs, offering rich customization options that enhance product usability and appeal.



3.Price Range:

In terms of pricing, Magic Box 2.0 is priced at $299 on its official website, while Ottocast P3 is slightly higher at $339.

The pricing indicates that Ottocast P3 is slightly more expensive than Magic Box 2.0, possibly due to its slightly higher specifications and functionalities.

However, regardless of which product you choose, both their official websites support payment via credit card or PayPal.

If you're interested in either product, it's advisable to keep an eye on the official website for potential discounts, promotions, or other offers, which may allow you to purchase the desired product at a more affordable price.


4. User Feedback and Reputation:

In the market, user feedback and reputation are crucial aspects. Their real experiences directly reflect the strengths and weaknesses of products, providing consumers with essential insights and advice.

When exploring the Magic Box 2.0 and Ottocast P3, it's not just about examining the product's advertising and promises; understanding users' actual experiences and opinions is equally important. Here are some user feedback gathered from forums or YouTube channels.


The magic box 2.0 Review

“I’ve had one for the past few weeks and it’s a game changer in my Jeep Grand Cherokee” –From YouTube


“This device is junk. I spent weeks with tech support trying to get it to work. Never did pair reliability with my truck. My wife bought it in November as a Christmas gift. By the time I gave up trying to get it to work it was beyond their refund/exchange/return period.”—From YouTube



Ottocast P3 Review

“I just got the p3 ottocast but it keep restart whenever i pull up the multiplay on iphone. I did try the usb cable bypass but it still restart “ –From YouTube


“For anyone interested in this device. I highly recommend it. I've had 3 different aibox's and this one is super smooth. Plus all the little issues I've had with the others I don't here.”—From YouTube

Through these, we can gain insight into some users' overall impressions of the Magic Box 2.0 and Ottocast P3. Some users may express satisfaction with the product's performance, features, and user experience, while others may offer criticisms and suggestions for improvement.

Both the Magic Box 2.0 and Ottocast P3 are universal products, compatible with multiple car models, which is an advantage. However, this also means that different car models may exhibit varying performances or minor issues.

If you wish to learn more about user feedback, it is recommended to search for relevant content on platforms like YouTube or Reddit, gathering more authentic user experiences. This approach can provide a clearer understanding of aspects such as product performance, audio quality, and after-sales support.





Both the Magic Box 2.0 and Ottocast P3 are currently among the most sought-after products in the CarPlay box market. Their extensive promotion across various platforms has attracted the attention of an increasing number of consumers, sparking interest in these two brands. When selecting a product, it's important to consider one's own needs and preferences to find the most suitable option.

If you prioritize superior performance, higher specifications, and are less concerned about price, then Ottocast P3 is a solid choice.

However, if you value brand maturity and a vibrant system UI, then the Magic Box 2.0 may be more suitable for you.

Nevertheless, there are many other excellent choices available on the market. If you're in search of the best CarPlay box, it's worth conducting broader research and exploration.

Many brands are dedicated to providing customers with top-quality products, yet may not receive widespread attention due to a lack of extensive marketing campaigns.

For example, the Transcend Car Box, equipped with the Qualcomm 665 chip like Ottocast P3, boasts 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM.

However, Transcend Car Box runs on the Android 13 system, offering smoother and more stable performance while accommodating a greater variety of applications.

Furthermore, it is priced more affordably, requiring only $269 after applying a discount coupon, and comes with free worldwide shipping.

Transcend Car Box also supports payments via credit card and PayPal, offering a worry-free 30-day return policy, 365-day quality assurance, and lifetime warranty, all aimed at providing customers with an excellent shopping experience.

We provide 24-hour technical support to ensure the satisfaction of every customer. Below are some affirmations from our users.

Transcend Car Box Review

Transcend Car Box Review 2

Lastly, if you would like to learn more about the specifications of the Transcend Car Box, please click here. Feel free to contact us with any questions, and we will be dedicated to serving you wholeheartedly.



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Dorothy W. Yazzie

Dorothy W. Yazzie

I’ve been using The Magic Box 2.0 for a few months now, and it’s exceeded all my expectations. The wireless CarPlay feature works seamlessly with my iPhone, and the streaming capabilities ensure I’m always entertained during long drives. It’s a must-have for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road.

Leonardo E. Wade

Leonardo E. Wade

Works brilliantly. Backup support is also A+. Highly recommended!