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Magic Box Alternative : The Best CarPlay Ai Box in 2024

Magic Box Alternative : The Best CarPlay Ai Box in 2024


In today's era, smart cars have become a trend, and CarPlay is undoubtedly an important part of car intelligence. As a currently widely used car system, CarPlay integrates iPhone with the car screen, allowing you to safely use applications on your phone, such as navigation, music, phone calls, etc. while driving.

However, CarPlay's restrictions on entertainment methods such as streaming media have also caused some users to start looking for automotive electronic products that can provide more entertainment methods.

CarPlay ai box came into being, and Magic box, as one of the leading brands, has also attracted great attention from the public. However, as one of the popular brands of CarPlay ai boxes, Magic Box is relatively expensive and its performance configuration is not the strongest on the market, causing many consumers to start looking for more cost-effective CarPlay ai boxes.

Therefore, we recommend you this most powerful Magic Box alternative – Transcend Car Box.

 Stream your favorite shows to car



 Part One: Performance Comparison

- Processor: 

Magic Box 2.0 uses the MTK6765 8-core chip, while Transcend Car Box uses the Qualcomm 6125 8-core chip.

Most users' understanding of the chip may be limited to whether it is a quad-core or eight-core chip, but in fact, even if it is the same 8-core chip, the running speed will be very different.

MTK6765 is a mid-to-low-end processor from MediaTek. It mainly uses the A53 power-saving architecture and does not have a high-performance core. The GPU is also the power-saving PowerVR GE8320. The processor and GPU performance are not excellent, so if you are running a large mobile phone The smoothness of games or software will be relatively poor. This is also the reason why some users may feel that Magic Box 2.0 sometimes runs slowly.

Qualcomm 6125 is a mid-range chip from Qualcomm. Although its performance cannot be compared with high-end chips, as a processor with stable performance, low power consumption and comprehensive functions, it can provide a smooth user experience and high-quality image processing capabilities, satisfying the vast majority of users' requirements for CarPlay ai box. Running speed requirements.

Regarding the differences between MTK6765 (Magic box 2.0) and Qualcomm 6125 (Transcend Car Box), click here to learn more detailed comparison information, including specifications, parameters, AnTuTu running scores, etc.

- RAM:

Magic box has 4GB of RAM, while Transcend Car Box has 1288 GB of RAM. Just like our mobile phones or tablet devices, having larger memory capacity means that multiple applications can be run at the same time without lagging.

 Transcend Car Box running speed

- Storage space:

Magic box has 64GB body storage, while Transcend Car Box has 128 GB storage space. More storage space for more music, videos and apps.

Especially some streaming media applications, such as YouTube and Netflix, the longer they are used, the more data they cache in the CarPlay ai box. If the device only has 64GB of on-board memory, it may not have enough space to install other applications after being used for a period of time.

In terms of performance, if you are looking for an alternative to the magic box 2.0, then the Transcend Car Box is worth a look. Even its performance configuration and other aspects are better than the magic box.

 Magic box Alternative




 Part Two : Android system comparison

Magic box 2.0 uses Android 10 system, and Transcend Car Box uses Android 13 system. As we all know, the higher the Android system version, the better the system optimization, and the smoothness will be improved.

Android 13 is an update based on Android 10, with faster speeds and more responsiveness. Compared with Android 10, the advantages of Android 13 include being more secure, more power-saving, smoother, saving device power consumption and preventing system lags.

Android 13 redesigns the bottom layer of the system to improve the fluency and efficiency of the system. According to Google, this change reduces the CPU time required by the system's core services by a significant amount.

In addition, Android 13 pays more attention to user privacy and security, and notification permissions and storage permissions are authorized by the user. The notification permissions of the APP are all managed by the user, which solves the problem of some APPs sending random notifications; the storage permissions of the APP are also managed by the user, and the user can set what types of files the APP can access and store, for example, only music APPs are allowed to access and store audio. File permissions.

Overall, the Android 13 system has made improvements in privacy, security, user experience and performance, bringing users a more secure, smooth and personalized experience.

As magic box alternative , Transcend Car Box does not blindly imitate the magic box, but surpasses itself and takes the lead in adopting the Android 13 system, aiming to bring users a better CarPlay ai box experience.

 CarPlay android box with Android 13 system




Part Three : Other aspects

Through the comparative explanation of the above two core factors, we believe everyone has a clear understanding of how to choose a magic box alternative.

However, some users may still want to know more details about the comparison between magic box2.0 and Transcend Car Box. Below we list frequently asked questions for your reference. 


Q: Does magic box work while driving ?And what about Transcend Car Box?

A: Magic box and Transcend Car Box both work while driving. However, for safety reasons, we do not recommend that drivers use Magic box or Transcend Car Box to watch movies or live broadcasts while driving. They should only be used when parked in a safe location or when passengers need entertainment.



Q: As magic box alternative, will the Transcend Car Box have the same compatibility?

A: Definitely!  Like the Magic Box, the Transcend Car Box is compatible for the original car models that support wired CarPlay. We have lots of customer feedback that the Transcend Car Box works flawlessly on popular models! For example, F150, 2023 Ram1500, Toyota, etc.

Transcend Car Box for 2023 Ram 1500



Q:Does Transcend Car Box have online upgrade function like Magic Box?

A: Yes, Transcend Car Box supports online upgrade function. You only need to connect to the Internet and click "FOTA" app to detect the new version and upgrade!



Q: What’s Transcend Car Box’s Price ?

A: The Transcend Car Box is priced lower than the Magic Box, giving you better CarPlay ai box at a more affordable price.

There is a promotion now, and you can get your Transcend Car Box for only $269. Free global shipping to your home, a 30-day worry-free refund policy, and a 365-day warranty, allowing you to enjoy worry-free shopping.





If you are looking for an affordable and powerful Magic Box alternative, then the Transcend Car Box is undoubtedly your best choice.

With its outstanding performance, latest Android system, and superb cost performance, Transcend Car Box will bring you an unprecedented smart driving experience. Click here to get the most cost-effective CarPlay ai box in 2024 now.



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